If you are near Greenville, SC come and enjoy a night of smooth with me and my friends on July 15th and August 27th.. For ticket purchases please click or tap on photo. Two shows: first show is at 8pm and second show is at 10:15. You don't wanna miss this.. Keep JAzz Alive!!!!


Tomorrow night it's going down!!!

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    It's SIMPLE... We are professionals that specialize in smooth jazz entertainment in hopes to reenergize the 80s and 90s era of Jazz such as Grover Washinginton, Bob James, Marcus Miller, and more.. Please like us on Facebook


    Thanks for visiting my page. Please feel free to browse through pictures and audio/video content. Let me take you on a smooth jazz escapade. Come with a sober ear. I dare you. I invite you and I thank you........

    Its been a Boney Moment 

     So I have been digging through the cd crates thanks to my dad for the billion hours of 90s jazz. For some odd reason, musicians gravitate to certain sounds thoughout their life. I've come across a cd I love dearly. TRUST which is a debut album by Boney James produced by the great Paul Brown. My formula for listening to artist is to start from their last cd to the first one. Then I can see where transition of sounds and movements begin to change. But for some odd reason again I couldn't really find that in Boney's catalog. From Futuresoul to Trust his tone and style has been a straight path from the beginning. Some artist I listen may wanna change something down the line but that doesn't work for me. If you're making great music then continue to make great music. I love this cd because it has everything in it. Its a recipe for a perfect Smooth Jazz album. Im actually working out a couple of my favorites on here such as Metropolis and Roadrunner. Seems to me he really understands the general ear and what people wanna really hear. Whether its relaxing or taking that Sunday afternoon car with top down for a drive, Boney is the solution for all of your musical taste...

    The SC Classic Jam Session!!! 

    Empire Supper Club has provided a  place where inspiring artists can come to the mic and express their feelings vocally. This project was created by Katera and JuJu who  happened to be part of EASTMAN STREET jam session crew and are also former members of MSKB. This is something that Columbia needs for the talent that has no outlet. For the artist that stay posting covers on youtube but never get a live experience when it comes to music. Its not just for music but also for vendors as well. I can see this being something really huge in our city. As artist you grow from experience learning the DOs and the DONTS. I have many people ask me where did you take up music and how did learn to play with such passion.. I tell them from experience and listening to artist that nobody is listening to. I know artist will learn to grow from these jam sessions.. So every third Thursday Empire Supper Club will be jamming out from 8pm-11pm. Thank you Robert Dantzler for the awesome photo.. for more details check out the Facebook event link here

    What do you wanna hear from me... 

    I like to link with fans on my up incoming project, "Walking into The NEW." I'm a music junkie from James Taylor to Grover Washington Jr. I listen to what catches my ear so I would like to know what would love to hear from me. What colors would you like me to use. A true artist is inspire by his/her environment. So don't hold back and shoot away your answers. There's no right or wrong in this...LoVe Peace and Blessings....

    Listening with a SOBER EAR... 

    First blog, but I wanna know how does jazz effect/affect your work week....Are you listening to anything new or vintage. How does it feel to listen to the untapped artists out there.

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